Dean Edge dropped a close decision at UFC 303 on the hour after being called in to replace a sick girl.

Joe Pyfer gets the win over Marc-Andre Barriault via KO at UFC 303 on Saturday

Joe Pyfer Octagon Interview | UFC 303

  1. Performance and Preparation: Pyfer discussed his preparation for the fight, emphasizing the hard work and dedication that went into his training camp. He expressed gratitude towards his coaches and team for their support.
  2. Fight Breakdown: He provided a breakdown of his strategy and execution during the fight, highlighting key moments that led to his victory. Pyfer acknowledged his opponent’s toughness and the challenges he presented.
  3. Personal Journey: Pyfer shared insights into his personal journey, touching on the obstacles he has overcome to reach this point in his career. He spoke about the importance of resilience and perseverance in achieving his goals.
  4. Future Plans: Looking ahead, Pyfer discussed his aspirations within the UFC. He expressed his desire to climb the rankings and eventually contend for a title, stating that this victory is just the beginning.
  5. Message to Fans: Pyfer took a moment to thank his fans for their unwavering support. He conveyed his appreciation for the positive messages and encouragement he has received.

Overall, Joe Pyfer’s Octagon interview at UFC 303 showcased not only his skills as a fighter but also his determination and humility as an athlete.

Joe Pyfer gets the win over Marc-Andre Barriault via KO at UFC 303 on Saturday. Listen to his Octagon interview with Joe Rogan.

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